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How did the ribbon become moldy?
From: I'M BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Post date: 2017-12-01

This article mainly tells the ribbon mold and mildew proof processing steps, this method is also suitable for Oxford cloth, spandex fabric, nylon, polyester, acrylic, wool, nylon, cotton canvas, this kind of material made of bags, handbags, shoes, ribbon and so on mildew and mold cleaning mildew.

Analysis on the cause of mildew of the ribbon
First, we first come to know the four main growth elements of mold:

1. Surface that can be attached
Mold especially likes to grow and reproduce in some rough places, whereas the smooth surface is not easy to stay;
2. Appropriate temperature and humidity
At a relative humidity of 70 to 80, the temperature is between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius, and mold spores can grow and reproduce rapidly.
3.Some of the food the mold needs
Mold is a kind of microorganism that needs food to survive just like people, and the ribbon is rich in protein, starch and other organic substances, which happens to be the food needed for mold.
4. Necessary air
Mold is a fungus that needs oxygen to survive.
The ribbon itself has a low risk of mildew, and the main mildew season is 3, 4, 5, and June, which is the common plum rain season in southern China. It is humid and warm in south China, especially suitable for the growth and reproduction of mold. Second, the ribbon tends to go through the slurry, especially the elastic and nylon bands that contain a rich protein, starch, which is exactly what the mold needs to eat. Therefore, in the plum rain season, we need to do well related anti-mildew work.

How does the ribbon mold the mould that cleans the surface?
We musty nylon ribbon, for example, the first to have moldy nylon ribbon, you can use the brush with PRO - 8201 water mould in the mould parts for scrubbing can completely eliminate mildew spot, and then wait for it dry;

After drying the nylon ribbon to use artificial water bottle or spray gun mount PRO - 8201 fungicide, then spray tool to the atomization condition, spray on it again, because the special case of mould, due to the increasing doses of coating; Drying in the dry treatment or natural environment after spraying;

According to the above method after processing, can effectively clean were moldy nylon weaves itself mold, mildew spot, mould inhibitor and detergent itself does not produce any damaging effect on the ribbon, and can ensure even wet within 280 won't appear moldy phenomenon occurred again, to protect the safety of your ribbon delivered to the customer's hands.

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