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Why are warehouse cartons so susceptible to mold?
From: I'M BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Post date: 2017-12-01

How does the carton mould mould? There is a way to help:

Analysis of mildew reason:
There are several reasons why cartons are mouldy, first; Corrugated paper has single, double, three layers, the carton is commonly porous structure, the structure especially easy to moisture absorption, so the carton every time feels special wet, when humidity is greater than 12% is easy to mold.

How to solve: we want to reduce the humidity of the products, such as the warehouse storage places with smoke wet machine, to ensure that the air humidity below 75%, equipped with oven, each carton production time once the oven to reduce paper humidity.
Carton is used a lot in the process of making white latex to glue paper, but white latex is a kind of special moldy easily products, white latex contains plenty of protein, the nutrient is mold like to eat food, if the temperature is particularly easy to mold.

How to solve:
White latex is really easy to mold, the estimate is known to all, so we can be a kind of special glue mould inhibitor is added in the glue to prevent it not moldy, PRO - 8201-1 resin dedicated mildew additive is a colorless transparent liquid, not only have no toxicity, and can be well dissolved in glue, the glue protection role.
(PS: why don't glue before easy moldy because it contains a lot of harmful substances, such as DMF, formaldehyde, organic pests, although these things is toxic, but does have a very good mouldproof effect, but in recent years, the strict regulations of the state can not contain harmful substances, so our glue can mold more easily.)

Why are warehouse cartons so susceptible to mold?
Warehouse is a bacteria culture box, many things mold starts from the warehouse, so the large warehouse how do simple have efficient, you know the mold has transmissibility, receiving hundreds and hundreds of thousands, not just a bad a pot of soup.
How to solve: warehouse as a bacterial incubator, warehouse, pushing many things if and poor ventilation is especially easy to mildew, so that our warehouse is best stored apart classification, product must not be placed directly on the ground, the need to use pallet, or shelves stacked, goods should not be piled up in the wall, easy to moisture absorption mold wall, it's better to keep our products and wall in the distance of 20 cm.
Domestic demand or regular disinfection warehouse, warehouse will sneak to some bacteria, so we should regularly broad-spectrum fungicide spray PRO - 10001, and then closed 24 hours a day, make it natural antiseptic in airtight space, ventilation, and then open the warehouse will be our PRO - 10001 broad-spectrum fungicide is added to the water sweep the floor, the ground die mould to remove bacteria from the clean and sterilization to ground.
The mildew resistant to do this a few steps, our cardboard is very not easy to mould, if the anti-mildew products use good, can guarantee the product to the customer's hands absolutely not moldy.

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