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The warehouse is completely mildew proof solution
From: I'M BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Post date: 2017-12-01

I. warehouse control
1, material warehouse and finished product warehouses should be checked regularly, warehouse put items do not heap on the ground, it is best to put on the material plane, should let all materials to keep clean, neat, not commonly used material in PP tape, don't bare in the air leakage, the plastic bag dust regularly clean, reduce the storage and workshop on the number of colonies.
2, finished products, semi-finished products do not heap on the floor directly, should use pallet is separated, and away from the wall > 10 cm, not to rely on material or materials on the wall, material and other material in contact with the walls will bring the risk of be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew.
3, finished products, semi-finished products piled up to set aside at least 80 cm wide aisles, keep the air circulation, don't block corridor or the finished and semi-finished products piled up too close, so as not to affect the air convection, cause air swirl and the area of the tides.
3, finished products, semi-finished products warehouse should be conducted once a month the sterilization treatment, in combination with the practical situation of your company, first of all, keep the floor clean, finished products, semi-finished products warehouse to start the first three months of once a month, three months after once every three months for sterilization processing, specific operation is: the day before the holiday, workers after work, close all Windows and doors, make its closed, and then the operator PRO - 10001 of broad-spectrum fungicide evenly sprayed into the air, especially in the corners and some damp places, and then closed after 24 hours, then open the Windows and doors breathable 30 minutes, and then into people to the warehouse with broad-spectrum fungicide PRO - 10001 added to the floor mop the water sweep the floor once (note: the plum rains season should be once a month).
4, finished products, semi-finished products warehouse due to pay attention to ventilation, when the humidity outdoor is greater than indoor humidity, close the doors and Windows, and open the Windows and doors, record the humidity, temperature change, if the wet season indoor relative humidity of 80% or higher. Humidifying equipment should be installed to reduce the risk of damp mildew.

Ii. Container combination control
Check whether the ventilation holes and sealing facilities are in good condition.
Containers should be clean, oil-free and odorless to avoid cross infection. It is recommended to spray pro-10001 broad-spectrum fungicide in the container.
After loading, to avoid climate change caused by Marine climate change (" container rain ") moisture, it is recommended to hang container anti-mould rod in the container wall, 2-3m/strip apart.
If there are other questions, our company can provide technical support and professional guidance, but also send special people to the on-site guidance.

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