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Russia on the cusp: the ballet dancer wearing Chinese dancing shoes
From: I'M BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Post date: 2017-12-01

People who have watched the ballet "swan lake" have been shocked by the rotation of the black swan, the black swan, as many as 32 laps. The black swan of the thick makeup black skirt should be supported by the toe of a leg, and in about 30 seconds, in a continuous rotation 32 times, the enchanting power of the enchantress of the demon king reached the peak.

If "swan lake" is the crown jewel of the ballet, the rotatory movement is the halo of the pearl. The single foot rotates in ballet terminology called fouette, which means "whip." 32 laps during rotation, the dancers keep origin, center of gravity vertical, every rotation dancer with a weight from foot to foot toe pushing a floor, producing enough to drive the power of the whole body rotation, quickly at the same time maintain a balance with open arms.
Russia's old city of st. Petersburg is the birthplace of 32 laps of whip. In 1892, the Italian ballet dancer piech, legg at st. Petersburg show what shows this stunt, since then, 32 laps waved whip into for a ballet dancer skill is one of the ultimate test.
Today, I want to tell a story about dancing shoes and dancers.
For 20 years, wear 500 pairs of shoes
Neva river in st Petersburg on The east, Chaplin hall theatre stage, The local Ballet theatre troupes in Russia (The Russian Ballet) dancers tell us, if not a genius, studying dance was 10 years old, 10 years to leave; From group dance to lead dance, the chance to perform black swan 32 laps of whip, another 10 years.
Under the normal training intensity, a pair of acrobatics in the soft bottom of cat's paw shoes up to 3 weeks will be living torn, male dancers because the weight more and more power, a pair of 15 days or so will be scrap. At this rate, a ballerina will wear about 25 pairs of soft soles for a year, and the number of shoes to be consumed at least 500 pairs in the 20 years from new to the only one. They can be used for a shorter period of time, usually two to three times.

Russia is a Renaissance man and conqueror of the ballet world, according to a review by Slate magazine. In all social strata of Russia, ballet enjoys a high status and is closely associated with the country's history, national pride and hero worship.
From the capital Moscow to the small towns of the far east, ballet training schools and ballet troupes can flourish, and almost every Russian girl has practiced a little ballet as a child. As the largest consumable in ballet learning, a pair of good shoes can clearly show the dancers' instep and arches so that they can adjust their movements more accurately.
Half the price
In a Russian dance shop, the price of a soft sole is about 800 to 1,000 roubles, and a pair of shoes may exceed 4,000 roubles. But since 2013, dancing shoes from the hands of Chinese workers have caught the toes of Russian ballerinas with online channels built up from e-commerce platforms across the continent.
Russian ballet theatre by several of the original mariinsky theatre actors and ballet solo actor was founded in 1990, in the local young dance company, a total of about 50 professional dancer, many dancers have all been through the alibaba's speed to sell through platform, buy the ballet shoes made in China, through cross-border electricity into China shoes in Russia is much cheaper than local by 30% to 50%.
Two years ago, she learned to buy soft soles from here. Shoes with their winter palace in st Petersburg theatre, comedy and musical theatre, the aurora theater stage, ballet had been to 26 countries and regions outside of Russia, including the city of China, Beijing, guangzhou and Shanghai.

The figures show that the art - loving nation is also interested in "online shopping" from China. Only in speed sell tong platform ballet shoes sales, for example, in 2012 the first in the Russian market, ballet shoes sales throughout the year but a few hundred pairs, and 2016, tens of thousands of ballet shoes through alibaba speed sell tong "dance in the ballet" country. Last year, Russian consumers bought more than 630,000 "dance items" from the company, up 58 percent from a year earlier. That number continues to grow.
In fact, the number of Russian orders placed overseas through the Internet can reach 245 million a year, of which 90 percent are from China. As Russia's most popular e-commerce sites, speed sell tong services more than 22 million customers in Russia, 250 miles from the black sea to the north of the Arctic Circle in the small town can be received from the speed to sell trade companies.
Never thought of giving up
The beauty of ballet lies in precision, and the cruelty of ballet lies in precision, from the selection process. Every year, the teachers of Russia's top ballet school take on the role of the star scouts and travel to the country to visit the best places.
Ballerinas admit the importance of "born rice" in this line of work, and the children who meet the conditions choose one.

The ideal candidate will have a small compact and round head, handsome features, wide flat shoulder and slender straight limbs, appropriate soft ligament, muscle should be strong, better music, imitate ability is better. The interviewer will also be on the spot measuring children's wrist, ankle, hip width and sit higher, when they grow up according to figure is right for dancing, usually, legs of ballet dancer (i.e., heel to buttocks) about 55% of the height.
The head of the dance troupe, aslan kargenov, is in the Caucasus region of the black sea. On TV, the ballet performance inspired little aslan's desire for ballet, and at the age of 10, he begged his mother to take him to the varanova ballet school to try her luck.
On the first day of school, the boy was hit by the game. The first week of school is a nightmare for all children entering the varanova ballet school. The pupils were asked to try to split the cross, and aslan had just tried to stretch his legs, and the teacher stepped on his shoulder.
He still vividly remembers, during the seven days, through the large mirror of the dance classroom, no one was not crying silently. Nine years in school, practice at least 4 hours a day, shoulder, leg, kick, kick, kick, change feet... Day after day, it never breaks. The teachers are meticulous, occasionally gentle corporal punishment, which is almost the tradition of Russian ballet training, the head is not straight, the back is not straight, the body will be waiting for an immodest slap and a reprimand.
At the same time, the female ballet dancer, natasha, recalls that the dancers could not eat staple food and fill their stomachs with a little bit of yogurt and vegetable salad every day. Even in the later stages, students will be ruthlessly eliminated if they become obese due to poor body management. There are a number of professional ballet dancers, but in the end it is less than 5 per cent.
Intensive classes make it impossible for children to meet their families. Said natasha, with their parents into contact again, mostly from the threat of bad performance when the teacher: "instep guy does not reach the designated position, you can't again so attentively, I'm afraid I have to tell you parents".
Therefore, crying becomes the only way for children to relieve loneliness and injustice. After crying, practice on.

From ages 10 to 30, in a cycle of 7,300 days, the performers' movements should be as accurate as scalpel. To this day, as a professional dancer, every day's training should be completed under the guidance of a dance instructor, aiming to reduce errors.
Russian ballet theatre female coach named Olga eduardo's, his ear hair, this isn't the hair bundle of ear side after the head with a thin black hairpin, her hair the bottom has a layer of gray, but to shoulder stretch like a thin butterfly wings. Olga seemed always to be stern, but only a smile came from her lips when natasha's French bulldog stole over the faded velvet curtain behind the stage. She was trained in Russian with French command: "en dehors, en dedans, pay attention to your instep! Come again!"
I asked natasha, "is there any moment that makes you feel like you're going to lose it?"
"Do you mean when I think of giving up?" She flashed thick lashes. "no, zero."
China is a wonderful place
Ballerinas are mostly between the ages of 25 and 35, but there are exceptions, such as the legendary ballerina marya pulishskaya, who has until she reached 65 to retire. Aslan told us that the health condition largely determines the length of stage life, but no dancer has no injuries. After last night's performance, aslan's back ached all day.
For the beloved stage, ballerinas must take care of the joint that is more precious than gold. Ksinia rolled up her trouser legs as we showed her wardrobe: the white pantyhose and knitted pants that covered her knees were all bought at a quick sale. "Tights are cheap and easy to wear," she says. The knit pants are very warm and intimate and can protect my knees.

The perennial practice of having a bunion in ksenia and the protruding of the bottom of the big toe is a common problem for many dancers. Her toes - with a little piece of blue silica gel, this is her speed sell pass on to the cloven, toe to reduce inflammation of the extrusion, a pack of such "artifact is equivalent to" as long as more than ten yuan.
"China is a wonderful place. Interesting products, hot and spicy hot pot, and acupuncture - it's really useful for pain. "Said aslan.
"Made in China" will bring more beauty to Russia's winter. On the eve of this year's nov 11, the third exhibition store in Moscow will be officially opened, and Tmall international mall Russian pavilion will be displayed for the consumer experience. In order to let Russian consumers enjoy more conveniences brought about by electricity, speed to sell through cooperation with China post, the Russian post deployment in advance, optimize distribution process, in order to ensure huge amount under the orders of logistics limitation.
The training is over, the performance begins. In Tchaikovsky's great overture, aslan's prince Siegfried appeared. Coach Olga took us over the stage through a whining, old-fashioned elevator, through the dark path to the control room, where the old pipes exuded damp rust. The night was deep, the spell was lifted temporarily, and the swan became a maiden. While the photographer was filming, Olga stared intently at the stage, chanting: "saute, en tournant, just a little better... Yes, that's it." The little lady suddenly turned back with a sly smile. "they are beautiful, aren't they?"

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