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The finished shoes are completely mouldproof
From: I'M BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD Post date: 2017-12-01

A new selection of fabrics, factory (especially crazy horse outermost layer of skin, color changing, the outermost layer of skin, oil USES velvet skin, oil wax skin, such as woven fiber is longer, oil heavy leather) before the mass production sample cut YiHaoEr for microbial testing, animal fat, plant fat, minerals, fat, starch, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids of nutrients and microbial testing content, determine whether to need to do special processing, such a higher risk of mold material, usually suggest spraying water PRO - 8201 mould inhibitor.
2, heel (especially the package layer leather heel, wood with) the humidity no more than 9%, if you are using water-based glue, you should add 1-5% in water-based glue or hardener glue mouldproof additives for special purpose, special attention to skin with after coating the surface oil to dry and then wax, wax to prevent after not easy dry and lead to mildew.
3. The shoelace is easy to absorb, especially the shoelace of wax, the shoelace must be completely dry, and its humidity can't exceed 8%. Spray the anti-mold antibacterial agent thoroughly before using the bandage. (the shoelace is not easy to be sprayed evenly, and it is suggested that the dosage should be repeated again and again).
Four, using hot water vapour in the laminating materials glue not dry completely, laminate advice cool completely before good lap after bagging, (joint lines can be appropriately extended cooling distance) the humidity no more than 8%, and suggests that add 1-5% in white water-based laminating adhesive glue special mouldproof additives.
5. PU sandals recommend cleaning the vamp with anti-mildew function or a 3-5% anti-mildew agent in regular detergent.
6. Material of aftertreatment, special waterborne resin, wax oil, hand inducer should be completely dry.
7. Normal dermis should be sprayed with anti-mildew in the shoe surface, per square foot 2 grams. In case of high humidity, long fiber and high oil, the dosage should be increased. Don't forget about shoelaces, shoe holes, heel positions. Spray for boots with mauri MAO in moderate to good, good injection mould inhibitor to completely dry (asked whether have sterilization box after 2 minutes or 2 meters of the oven, the temperature in the drying process of about 40 to 50 ° C).
8. The air compressor in the factory needs to release water regularly or add air filter, otherwise the water in the trachea can be ejected easily, causing mold.
9. Please do not adjust to the critical frost, so as to avoid water, which is difficult to dry. The cold box is easy to hold water vapor, it is recommended to use anti-mildew agent to clean the inner wall of the freezer.
Ten, pure white shoes or polishing sheepskin, golden painted sheepskin, light oil resistant fabrics can be mainly sprayed inside or inside of the box.
The inner box must be dry, its humidity must not exceed 12%, before putting on the shoes, it is recommended to open the shoe cover before the oven to dry.
12. The humidity of the outer box should not exceed 11%, otherwise, the surrounding joints shall be sealed and transferred to the special warehouse after spraying an appropriate amount of anti-mold antibacterial agent before packing.
13, if there is no special warehouse (wetted), shoes is best not to directly on the warehouse floor, want to use pallet isolation, and wall to keep a distance of 50 cm, and pay attention to ventilation, check every week, make records of temperature and humidity in the warehouse. The leather goods warehouse, packaging warehouse and finished warehouse should be sprayed with anti-mildew and sterilized regularly to reduce the harmful microorganisms in the surrounding air and avoid the contamination of materials or products.
16. Note that the container car is clean and leaky, and use the container car to sterilize it when necessary to avoid cross infection. Use container drying rod, control container condensation phenomenon, reduce the risk of mold.

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