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Protective ning | deodorant anti-fungus agent

Product introduction: protective ning is the extraction of a variety of natural plant elements, combined with the high-tech gasification infiltrator carefully developed. This product has the characteristics of long - term, non - toxic, fragrance and so on, through the air transmission, can achieve the powerful effect of insect repellant, and can remove the stink, purify the air. It can take up to three months to achieve the maximum economic benefit, and realize the concept of energy saving and reducing carbon and environmental protection.
Product efficacy:
1. Effective anti-black mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, lice, ants, flies and other small insects.
2. Efficiently deodorize and purify air.
No need to plug and heat, only open air opening hole, can achieve product efficacy, and visual space size, adjust the size of vent opening, this product is not edible.
It is recommended to use space for 2*2 square meters to place a box, use 2-3 to reduce the effect of reducing the product to place the wardrobe shoe cabinet, can prevent mildew and clean odor.

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