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The water-based anti-mildew agent

1. Water-based anti-mildew agent, which contains no heavy metals and harmful substances, is pure water and environmental safety products. To effectively destroy the reproductive ability of mycospore.
2. This product is a variety of natural vitamin, patent technology transformation molecules, 5% flavonoids, active water 88-90%, as well as other eu through security mildew antibacterial ingredients such as vitamin K.
3. The appearance of the product is colorless and clear liquid. After using, it does not cause the surface of the product [yellow change], and it does not stimulate the skin, respiratory, eye and other side effects.
4. This product can effectively eliminate mold, bacteria and other breeding of mold and bacteria, so as to achieve 100% protection function.
5. Advantages:
After this product is processed, its packaging should not be tightly sealed, but it can be exposed to the air in circulation for a long time, which can greatly save the packaging cost and convenience of the goods.
6. Applicable to the various leather products, textile fiber, wood products, paper products and other anti-mildew and anti-bacterial treatments for industrial or people's household products. Valid for 6 to 12 months.

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